Due to the fact that the attempts from seamen and other people to perform unauthorized registration as non-existing companies have become more frequent, we are compelled to take corresponding measures as it takes much time to process the information, taking into account illegal registrations, that affects providing the service to the existing companies.

  • We remove registration from the site. Registration will be according to the application from the company. The application form will be available for download on our site, it will be possible to fill it in on the computer and send back to us
  • From now on we don't register companies which use free mailing services like,, etc. for the registration in the system. We believe that every company considering itself respectful and prestigious should have its own web site and corporate mail. For instance, more preferable will be companies with such e-mail and web site data: e-mail:, web site:
  • We don't register companies which don't specify valid license number and company id.
  • Add to Blacklist service is free



Black List means the same rules for all, not depending on country of origin of crewing companies, managers, clubs of mutual insurance P&I and ship owners.

All companies that have sucessfully registered on the site and payed access to the Black List can make additions to the Black List. Companies may add sailors only according to the rules that they can see here. Any sailor that has been added not according to the rules will be removed from the list.

Rules of Addition to the Black List

Exhaustive list of causes that can lead to the addition to the black list:
  • Systematic drinking during the employment contract term. Alcoholic intoxication
  • Use of narcotics or other medicines (excluding prescription medicines) during the employment contract term.
  • Sabotage, incompetence and persistent violation of labour discipline.
  • Personal injury that leads to contraindication to work as a member of the ship crew. Temporary or permanent disability.
  • Convicted penal act.
General term of being listed in the Black List - 5 years.

Please pay attention that shipowner’s default on an obligation to pay wages or default on contract terms that led to appeal to ITF or other competent authorities may not be used as a ground for putting a sailor on the Black List.


Making an entry on the Black List on on the basis of race, sex, creed, religion, color, or national origin.

Removal from Black List

Sailor can be removed from the Black List in the following cases: if he was added to the Black List not according to the rules; if appeal procedure has been initiated and completed in compliance with the rules; if a company that blacklisted a sailor applied for removal. Details of removal are described in the rules.


Every sailor that has been added to the Black List may appeal to Black List company If a sailor can prove with documents his innocence on one of 5 causes described in this agreement his name shall be erased from the Black List during 24 hours after allowance of appeal. All interested parties will be informed about the decision backed by documentary evidence.Persons whose appeal was unsuccessful may submit another appeal not earlier than 6 months since the date of the appeal hearing.

Company’s Appeal

Company that added a sailor to the Black List may submit a petition for removal from the list. In such cases sailor’s name and details are immediately erased, all interested parties receive notifications backed by documentary evidence (appeal hearing is not held). If a different company submits an appeal then appeal hearing takes place as described in clause “Appeal Procedure”. Company’s appeal may be submitted by e-mail stating sailor’s name and details.


Black List is a united database of unwanted sailors for ship owners, crewing companies, managers, clubs of mutual insurance P&I and other bodies that are involved in managing the ship and the crew.We remind you that Black List is a classified database created with the purpose of providing grouds for maintaining safety on ships for sailors and ship owners and establishing good working environment aboard.Black List has been designed using recommendations of and in full compliance with international standards and conventions about safety of shipping and employment assistance for sailors. Thisw database should not be seen as a deterrent of sailors’ rights for employment and our squad denounces intrusions into sailor’s personal life and everything not connected with contract obligations and any cases of nazizm, racizm regarding sailors and crews.Our company equally protects interests of ship owners and sailors and in cases of adding a sailor on other grounds than described above reserves the right to rehabilitate a sailor with notification of the employer. However, our company denounces drinking and use of narcotics aboard the ship because it corrupts the crew and undermines safety of navigation.Black List warns companies and tries to protect and save normal working environment aboard and avoid additional expenses due to incompetency or disobedience of sailors.Sailor, remember! You always have the right to appeal after which your name may be removed from Black List.

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